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Am I in the coverage area?

Below are the areas that we currently serve. Please note: Coverage areas may be more or less than shown. Please call for more information on coverage at your location.

Click on the image below to see a larger view of the area coverage map you are interested in. Please check back often as we are frequently expanding our coverage areas!

To get a site survey to see if you can have Wireless Internet at your location, you need to send us all the necessary information. Fill out an online order form or call us at 1-866-790-6950 or 902-695-6950

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We use another type of wireless signal that is sent from our tower to your homes subscriber module antenna that our technicians will install. From there the subscriber module converts the wireless signal and sends it via a wire into your home. Wireless routers broadcast WiFi so just connect our internet line into your wireless router and you’re all set to browse or stream on WiFi!

Go to This is a webmail application that will allow you to log in to your email account anywhere from any device.

We use low power wireless equipment both at our tower sites and at your home. On the day of your installation, our technicians will test from your location for the best signal to one of our local internet towers. If testing passes then they will proceed to install the equipment to the home and run an internet line inside the home. If you require WiFi then a wireless router will be needed to convert our internet signal into a wireless WiFi signal within your home. We do not supply wireless routers but can assist you with the setup if you have a router available at the time of install. See also “Help and Support”.

When our technicians have completed the installation you will have a line with internet service. If you are using only one device than that device needs an Ethernet port to connect our line into. We recommend purchasing a wireless router to connect our line into first. This will give you WiFi in your home as well as extra Ethernet ports to direct connect devices if desired. Also most wireless routers have a firewall feature for added protection.

TNC Wireless does not provide a formal firewall solution, so protecting your own personal computers is your responsibility.

Yes our connection can be shared within your home or residence. The most common way of doing this is by connecting our line into a Wireless router which can provide WiFi and direct connections to multiple devices.

We do restrict this type of activity to be contained within a single residential home or office. If we discover that internet sharing is being used to allow other homes or businesses to have service, your service will be discontinued.

Yes, any device that has a Ethernet connection for internet will work. If your device requires WiFi to work then you have to connect it via WiFi to a wireless router. Our supply line then goes into the routers Ethernet WAN / Internet port.

News & Announcements

Municipality of Pictou County Fibre

We are now offering Fibre connections through the MOPC Fibre. More information can be found on the MOPC Marketplace or at

Max Package, up to 25Mbps Download, 5.0Mbps Upload

We are now suppling the MAX package! The max package will allow you to get the speeds of up to 25Mbps Download and up to 5.0Mbps Upload, for $99.95 plus tax. The Max Package is only available in certain areas, availability is depended upon the technician discretion