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Wireless High Speed

The demand for broadband internet access is growing rapidly throughout all our service areas.  TNC Wireless is available for either Home or Business/Corporate use within the our service coverage area - currently spanning more than 

500 square kilometers  throughout Northern and Central Nova Scotia .  

Our Highspeed Wireless broadband solution offers our customers speeds up to 1.5 Mbps and beyond at a comparable of the cost of typical carrier supported 'wireline' options.


Our wireless access service uses radio frequency (RF) to transmit and receive data.


The entire network meets or surpasses, all Industry Canada safety standards in place today.


TNC Wireless uses a number of different wireless products throughout our network, but normally the CPE (customer premises equipment) is designed and manufactured by Motorola. Our Canopy™ modem provides up to 7 Mbps transfer speed direct to your location using line-of-sight and non-line-of-site to one of our wireless distribution nodes within our service territory.


 This technology can also be used to connect satellite offices, either through our existing wireless network or it can be deployed in a private point-to-point scenario.  If you qualify, TNC will send a technician to your location, to determine installation details.


All Internet mounting gear is non-intrusive and can be installed on most commercial roofs easily. We work with you to ensure the job is completed in a safe and professional manner.

If you are interested in our HighSpeed Wireless service, please feel free to contact us today.